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Sunday 9:00 am -

   Sung Mass

   Teen & Children's Sunday School

   Coffee & fellowship period follows


Wednesday 12:10 pm -

    Mid-week Mass


Other feasts as announced - Calendar

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Welcome to St. Paul's -

St. Paul’s Anglican Catholic Church is a flourishing Christian congregation located on Lake Michigan Drive on the West Side of Grand Rapids. The parish was founded in the nineteenth century as part of the Episcopal Church, but in 1980 the members found themselves obliged to secede from the Episcopal Church, unable in conscience to accept innovations in faith and order which were without warrant in scripture or tradition. The parish joined the Anglican Catholic Church, one of several jurisdictions of the "Continuing Church" which were established in response to the unprecedented situation. St. Paul’s adheres to the received teachings and practices of the historic and undivided Church, in maintaining an all-male episcopate, priesthood, and diaconate, in preserving traditional modes of worship and sacrament based on the forms of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, and in following catholic teaching on human sexuality and the sanctity of life.

Our Church is always eager to welcome new members, of all ages and backgrounds, who are interested in learning more about, and in making a serious commitment to, the Christian Faith as received in the Anglican Tradition.  For further information about the Anglican Catholic Church (ACC), and for details of other parishes, see the Provincial Website links below. 

     Anglican Catholic Church - Provincial Website
Parish Locator
      Video  Links - Renewing the Anglican Tradition
  Beauty and Reverence in Worship
Knowing God Through Prayer
  An Invitation to Grow in Christ
     "Speaking Anglican" Podcast Links - Anglicanism and Church History
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Clergy -

Rector: The Rev Dr. Richard Bowyer Curate: The Rev. David Mohrhardt Deacon Buitendyk  2016 Confirmation
Rector -
The Rev. Dr. Richard Bowyer
Curate -
The Rev. David Mohrhardt
Deacon -
The Rev. Charles Buitendyk
Bishop of the Midwest -
The Rt. Rev. Rommie M. Starks conducting Confirmation Services

Facilities -

St Pauls Bldg, Front St Pauls New Addition
St. Paul's Anglican Catholic Church JoAnn Poorman Wing -
Blessed and Dedicated, August 4, 2013